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Are you inspired to create amazing interactive courses, but don’t know how to code?

Versal is a simple publishing platform with everything you need. Add text, videos, images, quizzes and interactive learning gadgets and bring your expertise to life.

We’re currently in beta, so you may encounter an occasional hiccup. More features are on the way. Have an idea? We'd love to hear it.

CES 2014 innovations awards honoree

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Software and Mobile Apps

Real-time collaborative authoring (beta)

New! Now with Versal you may work on your own, or invite anyone to contribute to your course.

Interested in joining an existing collaborative course? Check out our new catalog of open courses.

Introducing Versal for Teams

Is your organization, education institution or company looking to create amazingly interactive online courses? Whether your team is creating university courses, product tutorials/demos, or training courses, Versal is here to help.

Learn more about Versal for Teams.

Learning gadgets

Beyond video. Beyond slide decks. Versal brings interactivity to online learning through customizable exercises called “gadgets.”

Drag and drop gadgets – simulations, charts and so much more - right into your course, no coding required.

And if you do know how to code? Our JavaScript API will be available to developers soon. Sign up for an invite.

  • Quiz

    Test students as they learn

  • Survey

    Gain insights from your students

  • Video

    Upload videos & embed from Youtube

  • Deeper diagram

    Interactive concepts with imagery

Sample courses

Ready to get started?

Start experimenting immediately, or check out our step-by-step guide and tutorial videos.

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