Versal is a new way for anyone to teach virtually anything, interactively.

Everyone is an expert at something. But right now if you want to share knowledge online, you're mostly limited to blogs, videos and slide decks.

But learning experiences are so much more powerful when they are interactive. Versal is a new way for anyone to create interactive online learning experiences and share them with the world. From full courses to short lessons and homework assignments, people can create unique experiences for students and embed them virtually anywhere on the web.

Check it out. We can't wait to see what you create.


Gregor Freund


I'm Gregor Freund, and I approve this message.

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Gene Linetsky


After some years as a mathematician, software engineer, startup founder, inventor, teacher, manager, textbook author, piano player, and father, Gene has finally reached his level of incompetence in each of these areas.

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Tom Neustaetter

Board of directors and advisor

Stephen Wolfram

Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research

Founder & CEO of Wolfram Research • Creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha & the Wolfram Language • Author of A New Kind of Science

Scott Bennion


Scott enjoys building high growth technology companies, and removing friction from the system. He is passionate about bringing two of his greatest interests -- technology and learning -- together at Versal. He likes hiking, biking, traveling, and things that go fast.

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Carlos Cuadra

Head of content and author relations

Carlos is excited to be working with authors and managing the content/production team at Versal. He's just happy to talk to people. In his last job, he talked to plants.

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Allison Wagda

VP, Marketing

Allison started at Versal less than 48 hours after her first interview (someone had to translate the technical diagrams on the whiteboard into plain English – and fast.). If you don't find her holed up in SF with a good book, head due east. You'll find her in Tahoe.

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Chris Poseley

VP, Business development

Marvel at the beauty of a well-done deal.

Alex Zelensky


Alex lives and works for Versal in Ukraine.

Mike Bannister


Mike is a hacker and code artist obsessed with building software that is important, fun, and easy to use. When not coding he can be found at Bay Area playgrounds with his daughters.

RJ Zaworski


RJ is a mediocre banjo player.

Charles Ruhland


Enthusiasm for programming and education from an early age led Charles to earn a bachelors in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon. Before joining Versal, he was an instructor for Hackbright Academy -- he remains involved in HA by participating in their mentorship program. When he's not coding in Scala on the backend, Charles enjoys running, hiking, and reading.

Sergei Wintizki


Following a prolonged academic career, Sergei found increased fulfillment as a software developer and architect. He is passionate about learning, thinking, understanding, explaining, logic, programming, languages, and mathematics. Sergei also likes books.

Devon Berger


Devon received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art. Before joining Versal, she worked as a designer and patronized the flea markets of Brooklyn, NY. Now in San Francisco, she spends her time designing and listening to records with her birds Gigi and Goose.

Mike Chappell

Video production

Mike received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production from Long Beach State, with an emphasis on cinematography. Before joining Versal he worked as an independent producer for a number of corporate clients.

Andrey Mereskin


Andrey is working remotely (in Moscow!) as one of Versal's frontend developers. On the side he is teaching a course on web development and conducting experiments on online learning. Andrey loves it when things just work.

Monica Cereseto

Video production

In 2012, Monica graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature. Her degree emphasis was on film and critical art theory. Her interests include film, literature, and the culinary arts.

Stephen Wakulchik

Content and author relations

Trained in neuroscience and battle tested teaching in inner-city Oakland, Stephen hopes to leverage the science of learning and memory through education technology to positively impact educational outcomes for students around the world. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys trail running, Muay Thai kickboxing, brewing delicious tea, and pandas.

Dan Garzi


When I'm not drawing or designing, you can probably find me reading a book about vague scientific theories. If I'm not doing that then there's a good chance I've been abducted by aliens.

Andres Mejia

Office manager

Andres, born in Colombia, is an avid futbol fan with an unusual passion for food. He loves spending his free time reading, watching FUTBOL games, hiking, and discovering new restaurants.

Dan McGuinness


If he isn't programming, you can probably find Dan surfing, hiking, or rock climbing somewhere in the Bay Area.

Aaron Sullivan


Whether he's creating music on his Fender Strat or building mathematical proofs, Aaron loves to create. Aaron's belief that the Internet can change humankind for the better brought him to Versal, where he lovingly works as a software engineer.

Oren Schaedel

Data scientist

An experimenter at heart, Oren developed a fondness for data while studying decision-making in animals. He co-founded BioNetBook and developed a system to manage scientific methods, helping scientists streamline project development. In his spare time Oren can be found swimming or building public art installations.

Ryan Lester

Account executive

Ryan is an above-average competitive runner and is Versal's first sales hire. He's passionate about education, and on the weekend you can find him volunteering as a high school track coach in Oakland.

Alex Patriquin

Director of marketing

Alex likes to think of startup marketing as a cross between a Sherlock Holmes mystery and a 100 meter dash. As a marketer and web developer, he's connected customers and data to drive growth at several successful startups, like HubSpot and Squarespace. He enjoys APIs, IPAs and A/B testing.

Sarah Karlson


Sarah developed early interests in computers, the internet, and psychology into a degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon and a career in software engineering. She enjoys food, data, travel, robust development processes, and classical singing.

Mark Luntzel


"We've come a long way from the days of installing Linux from floppy disks." Mark Luntzel likes scalable systems / software, tube amplifiers, LA taco trucks, and Bearded Dragons.

Daniel Raftery


Daniel, a hacker at heart, currently lives and works in Maine. His passion for making software struck at a young age and legend has it he was responsible for some absolutely exquisite GeoCities pages. When he's not shoveling snow or eating lobster, he's perfectly content exploring the outdoors or playing video games with his 65 year old father.

Stephanie Lee


Steph graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology from Wellesley College. Before Versal she was a teacher for Girls Who Code and a designer at MIT. Her favorite snacks are cake and cheese. When she's not working you can find her eating... cake and cheese.

“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I’ll move the Earth.”
– Archimedes
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