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Course authoring for the collaboration generation

Transform the way teams work together with peer-to-peer training

Share knowledge in a single eLearning platform

It all starts with a simple-yet-powerful course creator. If you can put together a slide deck, you can build an awesomely interactive Versal course. Then, with built-in collaboration and flexible publishing/sharing, let your company’s best experts take the lead.

Interactive course authoring
Add and import text, images, videos, PPTs, PDFs, Docs, and build engaging exercises.
Collaboration and groups
Invite the entire company to share knowledge with one another, and segment by team.
Flexible publishing
Share courses in Versal, or embed in LMSs, blogs, website and intranets.
Mobile-ready courses
Admin controls
Learner reports
SCORM/LTI compliant
User roles
Single sign-on
Open APIs
Privacy controls
Start a 15-day free trial and see how Versal is changing the way companies are training employees.

Business solutions

Use Versal Business to create employee training, content marketing, sales solutions, customer support, and so much more.

Content marketing
Generate leads with engaging content
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HR onboarding
Prepare employees and new hires
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Sales solutions
Training sales reps with Versal
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Customer support
Create interactive product training
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