Introduction to Disease Ecology

Andrea Swei

This course is a brief introduction to historical and modern day disease ecology.

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About the publisher

My research interests are in the fields of pathogen, vector, and population ecology. I study the underlying disease ecology that determines the distribution and abundance of zoonotic pathogens and how human public health is affected. Using a combination of field ecology and metagenomic analyses to inform mathematical models and guide metagenomic analyses, I predict when and where diseases emerge.



About this course

In this course we will look at the evolution of epidemiology and disease ecology. We will review some of the major diseases that have impacted the human population as well as the practices used to prevent outbreaks.Modern day disease ecology is fairly new to the human timeline. We will discuss new concepts, SIR and R0, that are used to track and detect the probability that a specific disease will spread quickly. This course also includes interactive tools to explain SIR and R0. The tools include examples, but also allow the learner to interact with the models and simulate diseases spreading through populations.