Chemistry A/B

Jeff Astor

Welcome to Chemistry! This versal will cover the 2nd year science course dictated by California State Standards as well as satisfying a physical science lab A – G requirement.

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About the publisher

Born and raised in LA, he is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan. Mr. Astor finds free-time from his busy schedule to participate in heated games of chess, take hikes around Altadena, soak up sunrays at the beach, and play competitive rugby. A lover of nerdy science, Mr. Astor hopes that students will pick his brain about coughs, sneezes, hiccups, tickling, brain freezes, or other human anatomy quirks.

About this course

Welcome to Chemistry! My name is Mr. Jeff Astor and I am looking forward to teaching you over the course of this versal class! This is the equivalent of the 2nd year science course that all students at Alliance Simon Technology Academy High School are required to take in order to successfully graduate from high school. Additionally, this course satisfies your physical science lab requirement, so all students are recommended to start here. I am excited to be a partner with you on our exploration of chemistry! Good luck!