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Osiyo! Welcome to the official History and Humanities Course of the Cherokee Nation; a unique cultural based course of study that highlights traditional Cherokee lifeways.

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About the publisher

As a Cherokee citizen, raised and residing in Fort Gibson, OK, I am passionate, to a fault, about developing online content used for the preservation and perpetuation of the Cherokee culture. We can't afford to be placated about our culture or our course in history, or become complacent, lest we dissolve into obscurity. B.S.Ed. in Instructional Design for Online Learning, M.A. Communication Arts.


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About this course

This online class will give the student a comprehensive introduction to the history and humanities of the Cherokee Nation, its citizens and their lifeways in a unique cultural identity based course of study that includes oral history, written text, maps, videos and short quiz assessments; wherein the student will appreciate, understand and be more knowledgeable about the Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee people. The general educational objective of Cherokee History & Humanities is to involve the student in Cherokee cultural thoughts.

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