Python & Pygame

James Abela

This course introduces students to Python & Pygame enabling them to make fun Windows & Raspberry Pi apps & simple games

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About the publisher

I have been working in IT since 1998, firstly in the industry and now as am lead teacher for Computing at an international school in Malaysia. Along the way I have published a number of books, journal articles and written for Linux User. My speaking engagements have included the very first Raspberryjam at Cambridge University, Scratch Day East, Google, BETT, Miranda Mods, 21st Century Learning and Teachmeets. I am a long time member of Computing At School and chairman of Computing at School South East Asia. I am also a fellow of Mirandanet, an Apple Distinguished Educator, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, Google Certified Teacher and am 21st Century's Teacher of the year 2014.



About this course

This course shows you how to make simple games with Python and Pygame. By the end of the course you will be able to make simple apps and arcade games that will impress your friends and lead you onto even bigger and better things! All code works on Windows PC, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Code has been created with PycharmEDU, but you can use any editor.