Super Powers Bank

Chris Macy

Life is full of learning, and learning is full of skills we can practice for mastery. Part of the fun is finding new skills all around, remembering them, then making opportunities to practice them.

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We take a "whole person" approach to teaching music, guiding and coaching players age six and up, at all levels, and according to the way they learn best. Our methods promote continuous judgment-free self-discovery, growth, and respect for practice and mastery in life.


Super Powers Bank
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About this course

By learning to seek new challenges every day, and collect skills to practice for overcoming those challenges, we can find purpose, and fill our lives with its pursuit, creating bigger and better versions of ourselves continuously. The Super Powers Game will help us get into that habit. As we observe each new game we play, that game will teach us everything we need to know, so that we can play it on an elite level. The ULTRA-COOL part is that each new skill can be saved and used in future games, which means we evolve into a more super-powered person. This works in life's worthiest endeavors.