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Monica Cereseto

Interested in learning more about gadgets? This course includes an overview of all Versal gadgets, tips to be more successful, as well as in-depth tutorials on advanced gadgets.

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About the publisher

Monica Cereseto studied at the University of Oregon and earned a B.A. in Comparative Literature. Upon graduating she moved to the Bay Area to work in film archival. From there she moved to Versal where she now produces content. Monica is inspired by the possibilities that this platform is providing for educators and learners all over the web.



About this course

These small JavaScript applications are the key to creating content and adding existing materials into your course – they bring a Versal course to life! From text, video and images to customizable diagrams, timelines, and more, gadgets allow one to create an effective experience for your learners. In this course, we'll explore the Versal gadget universe, how to use certain gadgets, and discover secrets of our more advanced gadgets. We're excited to see what you create with your newfound gadget know-how -- the possibilities are endless. And keep an eye open -- more gadgets are on the way!