Dream Lizards

Chris Macy

The lizard is a master of working with his world to get what he needs. He dreams big in life, and adds things around him that help him along. And, he changes with that world he helps to create.

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We take a "whole person" approach to teaching music, guiding and coaching players age six and up, at all levels, and according to the way they learn best. Our methods promote continuous judgment-free self-discovery, growth, and respect for practice and mastery in life.


Environmental Design
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About this course

If you surround yourself with good food, guess what you will end up eating - and enjoying :)) The idea to the Dream Lizards game is that you can add things in the places you go that help you along to being the person you dream of, and most want to be. And, you will practice it by doing it. Remember, we make our road in life by walking it.