eLearning that your team won’t soon forget.

Quickly create beautiful and engaging courses and share knowledge across your organization.

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Why use Versal?

“Peace of mind. It just makes my life so much easier to be able to implement something in a way for all stores to capture that information at the same time.”

Bernadette OsmowOsmow’s Authentic Mediterranean Cuisineread the case study

Flexible delivery that works with you

All courses are automatically desktop and mobile-ready - no apps required.

Invite learners to Versal, embed a course directly into a website or blog, or deliver courses via an LMS with LTI or SCORM. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

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Access management and insights in a single place

Administrative features are critical to an eLearning program, and Versal helps you keep everything organized via a central dashboard.

Manage courses, set access rules and roles, segment groups, and follow learner progress all in one place.

And if you’d like to create a culture of knowledge sharing across your organization, set up a peer-to-peer training environment. Anyone can be designated an author or a learner...or both. Empower teams to teach and learn from each other, all under your expert oversight and leadership. Read the white paper.

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“Versal has revolutionized the speed at which I can create and edit teaching materials for my e-learning business.”

Olivier VidalFair Hiring Project