Flexible delivery

eLearning delivery that covers all the bases

Direct delivery, mobile learning, LMS integration, SCORM, LTI, plus website, intranet and blog embedding...it’s all easy with Versal.

Delivery option #1

Invite learners directly to Versal. And yes, our HTML5 courses are automatically mobile-ready, so your team can learn anytime, anywhere.

Delivery option #2

Embed courses and modules in an LMS, using LTI, SCORM, or just a short embed code. It’s not just a link either - the full canvas embeds directly into most top LMSs, and shares learner data seamlessly.

Delivery option #3

Embed courses and modules into your website, company Intranet, or blog with a cut-and-paste embed code. Versal also offers single sign-on with your employee’s existing credentials and native embedding.