How to create a course with Versal


Start in the course creator

with a blank canvas ready for your ideas and content

What is the course creator
The course creator is the foundation of the Versal app. This is where you’ll do the majority of your creating as you add interactive learning gadgets to the canvas.

Drag gadgets to the canvas

to create your first lesson

What are gadgets?
Gadgets are the building blocks of a course. Add content, import existing materials, embed content from around the Web, and customize interactive exercises. With gadgets, the sky’s the limit for creativity and interactivity.

Add lessons

to organize a course

Structure lessons
Use the table of contents at the left to create a learning flow for your course. Edit the course title, add and edit lessons, move lessons around and easily navigate between different sections of the course.

When it’s just right, publish

and share a link to Versal, or embed directly in an LMS, blog, website and more

Publish your creations
When you’re done, publish and share your creation! Courses are hosted on Versal, so it’s easy to share a link with learners or friends. Or embed it into your class website, blog, and even an LMS.

Still have questions?

Below is a step-by-step guide (created using Versal!) which explains how to get started on your very own course.