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Over a half-million learners.

Tens of thousands of companies and teachers.

You can rely on Versal as your eLearning platform.

Why does Osmow’s use Versal?

“Peace of mind. It just makes my life so much easier to be able to implement something in a way for all stores to capture that information at the same time.”

Bernadette Osmow

Marketing & Operations Manager

What is considered a “user”?

In Versal, a user is an individual associated with your account who was active during any given month. Users can be designated as admins, authors, or learners, depending on your purchased plan.

Are there overages?

If you go a few users over your purchased allotment in any given month, no worries. If you go way over or are consistently exceeding your plan, our sales team will be in touch about upgrading. You will never see an unexpected bill from Versal.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Our team was well-prepared in advance of the May 25, 2018 deadline. Read more about our efforts here, or if you need a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), we’ve conveniently posted a pre-signed version here.