Upgrade your personal account

(Looking to upgrade a company account? Switch over to your Org first.)

A few reasons to upgrade:

Private courses, with learner invites and analytics

Invite learners via email or a special code, and follow user activity and progress

Add as many authors as you’d like

Give your team access, invite internal experts to collaborate, or create a culture of peer-driven training and invite the entire company.

Expanded course delivery options

Embed courses in websites, or use LTI or SCORM to integrate courses with your LMS.

Companies and educational institutions, try it free for 15 days (no credit card required).

Plans for companies of all sizes, starting at $150/month. Ideal for internal training, product tutorials, HR onboarding, sales training, customer support documentation, and more.
Discounted pricing for educators and non-profits (because you’re helping to change the world). Ideal for eLearning, student-led projects, professional development, and more.